Can I buy the beds featured on your website from an on-line bed supplier?

The Sanctum brochure range featured on this website is exclusively available to purchase from leading High Street - mainly Independent, Retailers and is not available on-line. Some exclusive models are available online and can be found on retails own websites. Other than Contract Sales, Sanctum products are not available direct to the General Public.


What’s the best mattress for me?

With so many to choose from, it really boils down to personal preference, however the price you pay is usually a good indication of quality. Bearing in mind that most people spend a third of their lives in bed, it’s a very important decision and a good night’s sleep will enhance your daily performance. We would always recommend that you visit your local Highgrove store and try before you buy – the bed sales staff are well trained will be happy to give you all the information you need.


I only need a mattress, why should I buy a base?

Although your bed base may look OK, we would always recommend that you take the opportunity to change the base at the same time. Often, your well used base will have developed similar wear characteristics to your old mattress and could cause premature wear to your new one. Apart from not maximising the value of your purchase, this could invalidate your warranty.


The new bed is for my young child, what do you recommend?

Often parents will spend a fortune on a new crib for their baby, but go for a cheap mattress when they’re older. It’s important to remember that a good bed will support a child’s developing spine as they get older, and a good night’s sleep will ensure that they wake feeling refreshed and be at their best during those important formative years.


What size beds do you make?

Sanctum beds are available in a wide range of sizes and these can be found on our size and specification pages. All Pocket specification mattresses are also available in special sizes and our stockists will be happy to quote you for this. Bed bases are also available in varying heights and with leg, glide, or castor options to suit your needs.


How can I protect my mattress?

Most good bed retailers and Department stores will have a range of washable mattress protectors, some of which are hypo-allergenic and others waterproof and we recommend that you purchase at least one of these for your new bed.

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